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It is possible to be pro-GamerGate and opposed to death threats and misogyny at the same time, just like how it’s possible to be Muslim and not a terrorist or Christian and not homophobic or racist.

GameGate IS NOT a harassment campaign, it’s not about threatening people, it’s not anti-feminist, it’s just about ethical practices in gaming and gaming journalism and free speech.

Do not judge a whole group for the actions of a few.

I am for #Gamergate, but I am not for the asshat trolls who make death threats and harass women.

Because people will probably call me sexist or pro hate speech for my previous post, thought I should make somethings a little more clear. I fully support feminism, I think women should have full equal rights as males, but sadly some feminists are more for the disempower of males rather than equality. These bad apples have recently put feminism as a whole in a bad light, making it seem like all feminists are man haters, when that’s obviously not true.

Women should have proper representation in games, but at the same time games with sexualized women should also be allowed to exist. Instead of trying to change existing things try and make your own game with your own idea of how women should be represented. 

My whole opinion on this Gamer Gate thing

Okay, let’s go back to the beginning, to the Zoe Quinn scandal. Obviously I don’t and cannot know the exact truth behind what really happened, I’m not going to start pointing fingers and calling specific people names because they could end up being innocent.

But I will say this. If someone sleeps with gaming journalists to get their game a good review, both parties are in the wrong, the game developer and the journalists, it doesn’t even matter what their gender is. Both parties are devious, unethical and untrustworthy.

From my understanding, the true purpose of #GameGate is to call for an end in unethical practices in gaming and gaming journalism. It’s not about harassment, it’s not ant-feminism and it’s not about hate speech. True, there have been people who use Game Gate to do these terrible things, but you should not judge an entire concept or movement based on a few peoples action. It’s like saying the Muslim faith is about terrorism because a few terrorists were Muslim.

Something else constantly brought up are “SJW” or “Social Justice Warriors”, typically people who are against the portrayal and treatment of women, and to a lesser extent minorities, in media. 

I’ve seen people throw around the words “objectification” and “misogyny” way too much. Obviously things are never black and white, and no side is entirely in the right or wrong, but personally I’m suck of this side making mountains out of mole hills. Yes, objectification of women and misogyny is wrong, but it seems like things that shouldn’t be accused of it are.

It seems like every time a fictional female character shows any kind of sexuality or has a sex appeal there are people up in arms about it. Sexy game characters like Bayonetta, Samus or and Lara Croft do not oppress women, it’s not misogynistic nor do they objectify them, do you know why? Well, one, because they’re fictional people in a fictional world, but mostly because all those women I mentioned are strong, independent and intelligent. Besides, they’re just games, what does it honestly matter if the protagonist is sexualized? Who plays Bayonetta and thinks “wow, she’s hot! I guess all women are sex objects!” It doesn’t work like that.

Games like GTA do not promote violence against women, it’s doesn’t promote violence against anyone, because it’s a game. Any sane and reasonable person who plays games doesn’t let what happens in a game change or affect their opinion or view on real life. People need to learn to separate reality from fantasy. Being killed on a game is not murder and being harassed on an online game is not rape.

People are way too sensitive these days, instantly calling for the removal or banning anything that might make them uncomfortable or hurt their feelings. You’re free to your opinion, no matter how biased, uninformed or crazy it is, but at the same time everyone else is free to have an opinion on your opinion, even if it’s negative. Freedom of speech also covers negative opinions, so if you want to continue to be able to say whatever you want, you have to live with people being allowed to say whatever they want about what you say. There’s been supposedly a lot of censorship on reddit, 4chan in regards to Game Gate, anything about death threats and doxing is understandable, but anything else is unethical and in poor taste. Censoring the Internet to appease a certain group will be the death of free speech. 

My closing thought is that this whole thing is incredibly stupid, unnecessary and bigger than it needs to be. Misogyny and oppression of women isn’t a problem anymore and there should be no excuse for corruption, even in gaming journalism. Can’t we all shut up and go back to playing games like before this shit started?

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